Sunday, 29 September 2013

Blu Ginger - Macmahon's Point, Sydney

Wow!  I'm not a massive indian food consumer (can you tell by the number of Japanese restaurants?) but I thought this place was awesome.  I tried a number of vegetarian dishes at Blu Ginger including a potato dumpling korma and an eggplant tomato based curry.  The bread was flakey and delicious. I love naan bread!

I work with a lot of English people who claim the quality of Sydney indian food is not comparable to their home country.  I decided to do the smart thing and ask an indian friend - He had said this place was highly recommended.  I don't know what exactly I ordered so I'll have to ask him what each dish contained!

North Indian food was delicious at Blu Ginger :)

Garlic Naan Bread

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