Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ippudo, Westfield, Sydney

Ippudo !
Pork Bun and Prawn Bun

Fail - Barramundi

Fail = Lamb

Rice and Eel
I came here on a weeknight and there was a bit of a line so it looked very popular.  Unfortunately my experience did not stack up to the hype on urbanspoon or the line.  The pork bun was nice and the prawn bun was nice but the rest of the food was severely below par.  The barramundi was tiny and tasted old. The sauce wasn't pleasant.  The lamb was drenched in this thick sauce and had a large portion of fat attached.  McDonald's would win over this place for me and that is saying something.

Ippudo Sydney on Urbanspoon


  1. Hehehe, your "fail" comments cracked me up! I haven't tried the barramundi or the lamb but it does look interesting :)


    1. lol you'll have to check it out and tell me if I'm being too harsh. Great blog by the way, way more flashy/professional than my amateur attempt!