Monday, 20 January 2014

Mars Hill, Parramatta

A touch of chai latte.  I like the drinks at Mars Hill. The food is average and cheap.  The drinks are pretty consistent and tasty. I used to come here when I was a bit younger and it has changed over the years from laid back vibe, trendy to at times cheap/scummy to trendy again.  

I used to get the Mint De Slice which was pretty good or the chai latte.  I've only ordered food when I've been desperately hungry or when I'm low on funds.  A nice joint to hang out at occasionally.

It doesn't quite compete with my new fave - Element 6 but it's a nice joint.  A splatter of art and music to enjoy too.

Check out Denham's arms/pecks - he's my friend who has an indian background but can be periodically be mistaken for south american.

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