Thursday, 27 February 2014

Grill'd, Parramatta, Sydney

I think for a chain; Grill'd has done well to compete with the fast food chains as well as the pubs/cafes that serve delicious burgers.  I've only been to Grill'd in Brisbane and Parramatta where both instances showed consistent, delicious and happy burger endings.  I still vote for Chur Burger for quality and value and atmosphere... Sydney's best burgers are definitely there. But I'd still go to Grill'd.

The notion is around having healthy burgers.  I don't know if there is such a thing as a healthy burger but Grill'd burgers don't taste as processed as the fast food chains but you are probably paying double for it. I think it's worth it
Grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, avocado, tasty cheese, salad, relish & herbed mayo. $12.90 with chips $4.50
My friend demolished her lamb burger.  I think that speaks for itself.
Grilled chicken breast, brie cheese, thick cranberry sauce, salad & herbed mayo. $12.50
My other friend also eradicated this chicken brie burger.  He had just eaten at Grill'd yesterday too and yet he suggested that we come here for a catch up.
Grilled 100% grass fed scotch fillet, free range egg, mesculin, tomato, spanish onion, mustard, beetroot relish, herbed mayo on ciabatta.  $15.50
I slowly got through this steak sandwich.  It was massive. I would have wanted a bit more beetroot relish but other than that, I thought it was an awesome steak sandwich.
They didn't ask how I'd like it cooked but luckly I don't mind rare.

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