Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mr Wong, Sydney

I read another review which read "pretentious posh yum cha for white people".  I thought that was quite entertaining but I'd probably add to this " Nice bar attempts posh yum cha". I felt like I should have been drunk sitting in the hole in the wall venue.

The verdict - the jasmine tea was really nice. The chinese mushroom dumplings were tasty.  The rest, to be honest I didn't particularly enjoy.  I honestly would have preferred traditional yum cha at one of the other restaurants.

Overall pricey. I'd come back and try the dinner but I thought the yum cha experience was over rated.  I'd consider just coming here to get drunk though.

Price: About 30-40 per person

Chinese Mushroom Dumplings - Tasty but overpriced

Scallop and Prawn Shumai - It was OK - it takes away the true taste of the tasty scallop

Prawn Toast with Foie gras and Almonds - I wasn't a fan

Prawn and Crispy Dough Rice Roll

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