Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nazimi, Sydney

Nazimi is located in a very central location in Town Hall, just behind the Queen Victoria Basement.  You walk down a few stairs and then you are in a secret little hole of Japanese food. 

Prices: about 15-20 per person

Location: 141 York St, Sydney

Sushi is good
My friends and I ordered a delicious side of salmon avocado roll and the sashimi small size.  The Sashimi and Sushi is fresh and consistently prepared well. 

Sashimi is solid 
Tofu was rawry yummy 
The tofu was really nice.  A favourite of Japanese lovers is always the tofu agedashi because of the full flavours that make the smushy tofu textures outside tasty and equally the soft tofu on the inside very easy to eat. 

For something not as common, I had the Salmon Teriyaki Udon. It was very filling and really nice to eat. The salmon taste fades a little bit though but the Udon flavours are quite nice so I didn't mind. 

I think the food is very reasonably priced as well.  Check it out for a casual eat. 
Salmon Teriyaki Udon
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