Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Shoyu Japanese Restaurant - Sydney CBD (now closed)

There are so many Japanese restaurants in the Sydney CBD and so I generally stick to my high quality favourites but a friend had suggested catching up at Shoyu.

Prices: About $15-$20 for mains. $30-35 per person including drinks and entrees

To be honest; there were some highlights and some "do not order" again dishes. To start us off, we started sipping on some beers and ordered some edamame ($5.8) which was lacking in salt.  Don't even bother ordering the gyoza ($7.8) which was not tasty as it was over cooked and the shell was just burnt crispy skin.

We also ordered the sashimi main ($23) which was fresh and tasty. The Udon Tempura was a win as well. It was tasty and homely ($15.80).  I'd definitely come back and give some of the other dishes a go. Check it out folks. It's a nice cosy restaurant with good atmosphere. My friend tells me it's a good place for lunch as well.

Japanese twins

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  1. Japanese Foods are some of my favorite foods.. I really want to visit Shoyu Japanese Restaurant.

  2. me too! I lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee Japanese food!