Friday, 25 April 2014

Yoghurtland, George St, Sydney

As a inexperienced frozen yoghurt eating blogger, I'll tell you about my experience.  I stumbled in here slightly tipsy with a friend who likes frozen yoghurt.  The young man running the store was very polite and when I started bombarding him with questions about the different flavours - he was only happy to tell me which flavours were horrible tasting and which ones were ok to tasty.  I tried a few flavours before just settling for a taro and a chocolate one.  I topped up with strawberries, lychee balls, oreos, brownie and chocolate flakes.  It was a nice treat but not amazing.

In my current state, I was also very perplexed and confused about the messages on the yoghurt cups.  Cows do not dream of pushing out frozen yoghurt from their utters. In my cow dreams, the cows use mascara on their long eye lashes and dream of making ice cream - the real dessert. None of this frozen yoghurt bull shit fake dessert.

For the two yoghurts below it was $10.

A few people have said to me that Yogurtberry is way better than yoghurtland.  Given I am not a big fan of frozen yoghurt (in Australia at least); I don't know if I can really comment.  Come by and give this place a go.  Ask the staff which flavours are good and taste the yoghurt and judge for yourself.

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