Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Star Kebab, Auburn

For value, for taste and "OMG" bread and doughs.  My family are regulars at this restaurant.  For some, it may be a bit of a turn off because it looks like a dirty, greasy, dodgey shop front.  Don't be too distracted by aesthetics.

If you can cast all of that aside, the food is delicious and worth the drive.  If you are looking for a giant pizza; definitely come here for the tasty dough and flavour some wood fired pizzas.  I mean MASSIVE size.  I'm talking giant, big man, face sized slices. The kebab was pretty awesome too.  I love the soft bread.   For value. For sure. A definite cheap eat.

Take away!
Mixed Kebab $8

Extra Large Vegetarian Pizza $19

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