Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ramen Zundo, World Square, Sydney

I'm normally not a massive fan of ramen. I'm an udon girl. I ordered the $12.90 Tsukemen udon-like noodles with the tonkotsu pork dipping soup. The udon-like noodles were nice. The broth was a bit grainy but it was still nice with a squirt of lemon.  It was a nice place for a cheap eat.  Nice is the word.

I also tried a bit of the Light Zundo Original $11.90, where the broth was amazing but would have tasted better with the udon-like noodles so we ended up mixing it up by dipping the udon-like noodles into the light zundo broth. The regular is a very decent size so unless you are super hungry, I would stick to that size.

I've been in Japan recently and had the most amazing ramen in the world. I mean it. The world. It was amazing.  I had been having ramen cravings so this cheap and cheerful place was a good filler.

Edit: I've been told that the noodles were not udon but another type of noodle.  So I've gone back and just said they were udon like to me!
$12.90 Tsukemen wheat noodles with the tonkotsu pork dipping soup

Light Zundo Original $11.90

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for the review, this is Nami from Ramen Zundo.
    We actually don't serve udon so the thick noodle you had would be our tsukemen noodle. Udon noodles are white wheat based noodles while ramen tend to be more yellow and are made of a more complex mixture of flours.
    You can actually change the noodle type with all our ramen so perhaps next time you can order a light zundo with the tsukemen noodle! We're glad that you enjoyed our soups and thicker noodle! Thank you again for your review and the Zundo crew all hope to serve you soon!!

    1. Thank you Nami! I loved the tsukemen noodle. What is the best way to contact you? Do you have an email address?