Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mad Mex, DFO, Homebush

If it wasn't situated in a food court, I probably would have been convinced that this was a local mexican restaurant somewhere in the burbs or within a pub.  Max Mex in Homebush was brightly lit up with decorations not worthy of the food court.  I haven't been to Max Mex before so I had no expectations.

Spice up your life (and meal) with the hot sauce.  It's a cut above the "hot" sauce which I thought was mild so go nuts if you are a fan of spice.  I used a little bit of hot sauce in the chicken quesadilla ($10.90) that came with a bit of salsa, hot sauce (which was mild) and cream. It was a nice lunch, probably on par with Guzmez Y Guzman, another mexican chain.  You can't really go wrong with toasted tortillas, cheese, chicken and sauces. Yum.  I love the El Loco version too.  See my blog here

The three hard tacos of steak, chicken and chorizo ($9.90) were not bad with avocado ($2 extra).  The quesadilla was much more tasty. The mexican cola tasted like a pepsi but I had to try it out of curiousity.

Prices: $10 to 12 for mains

Location: DFO Homebush.  This one is in the entertainment book Sydney and Sydney North where you can buy one main and you get one free!


Corona lighting

Trio of tacos

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