Monday, 11 August 2014

Ngoc Duc, Cabramatta

For those who are not familiar with Vietnamese drinks, you must try the sugar cane drink (nước mía) for a refreshing hit at $3.50 at Ngoc Duc which is located on the main strip of John St in Cabramatta.  

If you are looking for something more filling then you could try the strawberry brewed tea with pearls at $3.50.  It tastes like a strawberry milk with a tea twist and the drink becomes surprisingly chewy when those pearls come through the straw.  It's a very sugary drink though.  So take your pick, the sugary cane drink or the sugary tea drinks!

Cabramatta is full of delicious food so naturally you will have a trail of food bloggers. In a small world of coincidence, my fellow food bloggers 'The Random Foodie' and 'Polyphagia' were also in Cabramatta on the Sunday just gone. Come to Cabramatta for food adventures my darlings! 


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