Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sea Breeze, Kiama

For a delicious two course meal for $38, I came by Sea Breeze at Kiama.  The Sea Breeze restaurant is positioned nearby some waterviews (not quite of the Kiama Blow hole but it was not far).

I would describe the restaurant as somewhere between a bit posh but still down to earth. Overall a very high value experience with simple but tasty food, water views and a white table cloth experience. Book for a nice waterview by the window.

For the main (above) I had the fish, chips with salad.  Everything was just prepared perfectly.  This is a very simple dish but can often go wrong - I was just pleasantly pleased. The fish was crumbed, crunchy on the outside, soft and flakey in the middle. Chips were crunchy and had a nice sprinkle of salt.

The main of the night was definitely the pork belly though (below) which sat on a bed of potato, mash, gravy and greens.  It was very much melt in your mouth pork belly which was so very tasty. Everything just fit in well together.

For two courses, instead of entree I choose dessert for the second course. The creme brulee again a traditional and simple dish but was perfectly executed. I love the crispy sugary crunch at the top with the soft curd like core underneath.  I was getting very full though.

The cookie and cream cheesecake was very rich but I deliciously devoured most of this with variety of textures.  This was a very heavy dessert! I would love to come back to enjoy the other dishes.

Prices: $38 for two courses

Location: 31 Shoalhaven st, Kiama

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