Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Saigon Bowl, Strathfield

Saigon Bowl is a clean Vietnamese restaurant. The 65% like rating is probably right on the ball. I would say it's good but not amazing. At Saigon Bowl, you will have a lot of choice and the food is cooked well. 

So I would say this is a consistent eatery if you're in town and looking for some good cooked food. 
Above is the crispy noodle with beef and vegetables. I love crispy noodles and I love how the gravy softens the noodles.  There were large chunks (too large) of bok choy, carrot and beef that laid on top of the noodles. The spring rolls were ok. Nothing note worthy so I would suggest another entree if you have the choice.

I also had the marinated beef, which is accompanied with all the trimmings of mint, vermicelli noodles, vinegar soaked carrot and radishes. All these ingredients are prepared so you can roll them in rice paper. It was a nice dish. The meat was very flavoursome.

So overall, all the dishes were reasonably priced and all the dishes are well cooked. There was no complimentary tea like most other Vietnamese restaurants but it is cleaner than most!

Prices: $15-$20ish for mains

Location: 3, the Boulevarde, Strathfield. About 2 minutes walk from Strathfield station. 

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