Monday, 3 November 2014

Small Bar and Kitchen, Kirribilli

Small Bar is as it's titled - it's a small bar great for wine, snacks and gossiping with your girl friends. It's a very cosy bar and lives up to it's brother in Crow's Nest. The Small Bar in Kirribilli has the capacity of about about 20 and has an array of booze and food for your socialising pleasure.

Look at those chips - they don't look frozen do they? A nice blend of crunch and mushy potato is available for $6.50! It was a nice snack and very delicious with the Harissa Mayo. You may see my friend who is a regular here all the time. She is single and gorgeous gentlemen!

Drinks: About $10 per drink, Bar food is roughly $10 per dish in the Evening. Small Bar have $9.5 lunches and $10-$20 breakfast dishes

Location: 3 Broughton St, Kirribilli, About 5 minutes from Milson's Point station. 


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