Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Rocks Foodie Market, The Rocks

On a sunny Friday not too long ago I was taken on a short tour in The Rocks showcasing the fantastic Friday Foodie Market which can be found on the pedestrian stretch of Argyle St leading to George St with a series of craft good stalls adjoining it on Playfair St

Having worked nearby in the past it was a stroll down memory lane – a very nostalgic, and tasty, memory lane. As you can imagine from the name you can find food stalls here on a Friday from 9am through to 3pm with the busy lunch period usually starting from 11am until closing. On the weekends these stalls remain but stock artisanal craft goods rather than the edible kind.

The top photo show cases some of the great produce that you can buy at the artisan stores. The billtong jerky is amazing and seems to be very popular with the tourists. There's also gourmet chocolates from Brazilian inspired brand Emporium and hand made local chocolate brand Cicada. These chocolates were so delicious - they didn't last long at my house.
Now to the food. I loved everything on offer but will stick to mentioning a few of the day’s highlights and my favourites so that I don’t spoil your party when you go to check it out yourself and stuff your face until a food coma is a foregone conclusion.

Mini sausage roll from La Renaissance – I’m not usually a fan of sausage rolls (childhood trauma) but with crisp, and flaky, pastry with a well seasoned, solid meat filling I was more than happy to shove this in my pie hole. The full-sized offering goes for $6.50 and includes free sauce – the way it should be, 8/10 (above photo).

Mini pork roll from Phillips Foote – Made with a soft bun, crispy and creamy slaw, roast pork, apple sauce gravy, and crackling the flavours work so well together to balance each other and sate whatever cravings you may have and all for $9. If you want to see what Heaven looks like, the heated glass display cabinet is full of crackling... Did I mention crackling? 9/10 (above)

Gozleme from Dare Cafe As I remember it, this stall always had the longest line, and it still does. These gozleme come with various fillings (chicken/beef mince with cheese, cheese, cheese and spinach) folded between thin, fluffy dough that is grilled to a light brown colour giving it the slightest crunch and are served with a lemon wedge. Priced at $10-$11 they are simple but leave you satisfyingly full (possibly painfully so), 7/10

Sausages from Munich Butcher – ‘German’ and ‘sausage’, those two words make a beautiful marriage and Munich Butcher does not disappoint. My go-to is the Thuringer because it’s big and juicy but I also like to have the Krakauer when I crave something saltier. The sausages come served in a roll with sauerkraut and onions. Large squeeze bottles are on the table which you can use to service yourself and get saucy – for free, 8/10
Gelato from Giorgi’s Gelato – Who doesn’t love gelato? Made using a family recipe this gelato is a great way to finish your filling stroll. The sweetness, and tartness, of raspberry mixed with the gelato creaminess made a refreshing combination and had me wanting more despite the button on my pants being about to pop like a champagne cork, 8/10
In Summary, there’s plenty of good eating to be had and for very reasonable prices so get yourself to The Rocks on a Friday soon, you won’t regret it, 8/10. What great atmosphere!
This food blog was written by QHL. Weekendfoodescapes was invited as a guest of Cardinal Spin. All words, opinions and photos are QHL's.

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