Sunday, 29 May 2016

China part 2, Xi'an and Terracotta Warriors

After my huge high from climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, it's time to get head to Xi'an to check out this city and also see the Terracotta Warriors

So if you haven't already seen part 1 of my trip, check it out here . After travelling for so long on a sleeper train with my Intrepid travel group, I was so tired. It's so hard to sleep on the sleeper train. 

We go on a walking tour and check out some of the highlights of the city. There's a bell and drum tower in the middle of the city. It's a nice place to walk around. Make sure you take a picture of the map and remember what exit you came out of. There's a whole series of underground walkways.

There's also an ancient route called the silk road which leads into the muslim quarter and there's a massive market full of food and souvenirs. I would suggest avoid having breakfast and eating at the markets. They are known for their kebab sticks amongst other things.

I love this market and seeing all the random treats to eat. There was this rice cake with sugar syrup above or fried calamari sticks below. The souvenirs didn't impress me too much so I didn't get anything but some of my tour group bought a few things. Negotiate hard my folks!

After the day, I also head out at night. The city is gorgeous at night with lights. 

Our tour groups opt to check out the traditional dance show. It's gorgeous. The music is quite unique and unfamiliar from the Western palette but I quite like the dances, costumes and the music.

I really like the city of Xi'an. However I was eager to see the terracotta warriors. After a few hours drive from the main city of Xi'an, I arrive at the grounds of the terracotta warriors. It's a nice walk in very expansive grounds. 

The terracotta warriors are statues that created and buried to help guard the first emperor of China in the next life. I wonder if it helped in anyway. I figure once you die, you die - whether you are rich, powerful or poor - you end up in the same place. 

I for some reason though that the statues were dug up and placed at a level where you can stand up next to one however most of them are dug up and standing in a pit down below. So you need to get your camera out and zoom in. It was like the Mona Lisa, my expectations v.s reality were a bit out of sync.

I had a nice time in Xi'an. I've now covered off the big ticket items of the great wall as well as the terracotta warriors. I'm really glad i've made the trip. 

Stay tuned for part 3, the final part of my trip of Yellow Mountain, Hongcun and Shanghai.

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