Saturday, 8 October 2016

Higher Ground, Melbourne CBD

After 45 minutes of waiting on a Saturday morning, was the wait worth it at Higher Ground? My friend who moved to Melbourne highly recommended Higher Ground but I was feeling very impatient this day.

There was a crowd of approx 30 people waiting outside Higher Ground. After the 45 minutes, we entered the giant warehouse with high ceilings. It's lovely inside!! I look at the menu with high expectations as the anticipation has been building up.  PH, MC, LL and I are hangry and ready to order!!

MC orders the Kale salad with broccoli, miso, almond hummus, avocado, poached egg, salted seeds ($18.50). It's medley of greens that is surprisingly tasty. That almond hummus is nice and creamy and adds to the crunchy textures of the kale. 

LL orders the Benedict Eggs with dry cured ham, bearnaise sauce, sourdough, vinegar powder ($21). The dry cured ham is such a small piece. It seems odd.

I order the Lamb Sausage Roll with cucumber pickle, garlic and anchovy ($20). It's a very simple meal but the sausage roll is really tasty. I think the meal is not high on value though for $20. I was still hungry after.

I think the best meal that was ordered was the Roasted and pickled seasonal mushrooms with soft polenta, hazelnut and sourdough crumble and thyme ($19.50, plus additional egg for $3). 

The soft polenta and hazelnut is creamy and soft and is perfect contrast against the mushroom and crumble.  I would definitely recommend this dish.

Overall, I had a nice experience at Higher Ground however I'm not sure if the wait is worth it and some of the mains were smaller in portion than hoped. 

Melbourne has a great cafe scene and many options so perhaps only pop by Higher Ground if the wait is not too long.  It's a great venue so that's probably why it's very popular. 

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