Monday, 10 October 2016

Norsk Dor, Sydney CBD

Norsk Dor is the new kid on the block, recently opened four months ago. It serves up a Viking inspired Scandinavian menu in cosy and posh decore. Bone Marrow anyone?

Norsk Dor is located in the Sydney CBD, right near Wynyard Station. There is a long corridor to walk down before you reach Norsk Dor. I hear howling sounds and feel like i'm going to encounter a ghost tour. Eeeeeeeeeeek!! I'm a little bit scared. Once you read the door, you need to hit the button to be let in. 

So before I talk about my experience, I should explain that I was invited to review Norsk Dor so I didn't quite experience the menu as it is intended. 

So here is how it works:
- The normal menu changes every day based on what the best produce is available on the day. 
- How the menu works is that there is a set menu of six tasters/entrees and then you choose a main course. 
- The prices range depending on the main you choose ($60 to $68). I know $60-68 might sound steep but you also get the six tasters/entrees as part of the price of the mains. 

On this particular night, MW and I shared one of the tasters/entrees - the Bone Marrow! Bone Marrow (top photo) is a delicacy in Sweden and is one of the most popular dishes at Norsk Dor. It's a fatty, mushy texture and is meant to have tonnes of health benefits. The Bone Marrow is served up with a side of bread, small salad and a shot of schnapps. 

The schnapps is hard core!!! It's not the sweet light schnapps, I'm used to in Australia - it's epic. The schnapps will hit you in the face - it tastes that strong. This has been a really unique entree for me. MW loves the Bone Marrow dish and experience.

For mains, MW has the venison ($68, below, poor bambi). The venison is served with celeriac puree, onion and artichoke. The venison is perfectly cooked medium rare. MW is very happy as the venison is so tender. His only complaint is that there isn't enough! This is highly recommended.

I have the seared salmon ($65, below) which is a very popular dish on the Norsk Dor menu. The salmon is accompanied with fennel, dill cream and fig. The salmon is perfectly cooked with crispy skin, moist and a little bit pink on the inside. The dill cream is a great match for the salmon and the fig and fennel provides a contrast in texture. The figs in particular add a freshness and sweetness to the dish. Highly recommended!

For dessert, there is the singular option of the classic Swedish cake also known as Kladdkaka ($12, below). It's best described as a lighter brownie. You can't go wrong with a chocolate dessert right?  

Just remember that my experience and the price of the mains is not reflective of the intended menu which is 6 tasters/entrees and a main. Scandinavian cuisine is not common in Sydney so it was really nice to try something different.

MW also orders a matching cocktail to go with dessert. The Dark Chocolate cocktail
We also try some of the cocktails recommended by the staff. The Tanqueray is a signature cocktail ($22, below) is vermouth with dill and house pickles. The vermouth is a bit strong for my liking. I quite like the house pickles.

MW goes for the Bancroft cocktail (below, $23). It's Ron Zacappa with bitter orange and smoked coffee. 

The decore is very intimate and cosy. I like the animal skin on the chairs. It adds a bit of viking to the chic style of the venue. 

So if you wanting a nice lunch or dinner out with a Scandinavian inspired menu - stop by Norsk Dor! Their menu changes every day so you can come back and try all the different dishes.

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of The Atticism. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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