Friday, 18 November 2016

Anema E Core and Eatnow app

So It's Friday! Pikachu wants to chill with some food at home so I decide on ordering some delivered food via eatnow app. Woo Hoo. TGIF.

So I decide to try out this new app on this particular night in. I whip out my new app Eat Now. Pikachu doesn't have a phone so he goes on the laptop to look at the options on Eat Now (below).

Pikachu types in my suburb and I start scrolling through a few different options. Thai is usually my preference for takeaway but as I scroll through, I am getting hungry and tempted by different options. There's a really good range to choose from.  I decide on ordering some pizza from Anema E Core. 

 I get a text message confirming my order and before you know it!!! My food arrives. 

Anema E Core are known for having really tasty and authentic Italian Pizzas. What a great choice.
I order the 57023 pizza. I wonder why it has such an odd name?? 

The pizza has a white base, hot salami, rocket, cherry tomato, basil and olive oil. I can distinctively taste chilli oil as well. There's a lot of rocket on top. The crust is quite thin and the hot salami really brings the flavour.

I also order the Ortolana pizza which is a vegetarian pizza. It's got a tomato base with mozzarella, zuchhine, mushrooms, cherry tomato, basil and again tonnes of rocket! I'm starting to get full after a few slices but I save the pizza for another time. Delicious!

Pikachu also insists on ordering some of the ricotta and pear cake. I only have a small bite but Pikachu eats the rest. Who can resist dessert?

In summary, Anema E Core delivers delicious authentic Italian pizzas and the Eatnow app was pretty easy to use. Good variety of restaurants in my area as well.

Notting Hill is on tv tonight so I think i'll sit back and enjoy the night! Thanks so much to Eatnow for allowing me to test the app and gifting me Friday night dinner at home by Anema E Core. Thanks to pikachu for being so adorable.

Weekend Food Escapes was gifted a voucher by Eat now. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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