Sunday, 18 December 2016

Grumpy Baker, Vaucluse

The Grumpy Baker has come along way since its inception in 2002 with a repertoire of on-site baked breads that are the staple of its core menu. Now in 5 locations, its Vaucluse outlet takes bold moves with its “Israeli Street Food' menu being offered from 5pm-9pm from Thursday to Sunday

Many menus across the Sydney dining landscape feature elements of falafel, hommus, shakshouka and cous cous for example, however the Grumpy Baker can now claim to be the only one to specialise in Israeli cuisine

This style of cooking is typically eaten on the go and are bite size portions. “Simple, Rustic, Traditional” dishes prepared on-site in a charcoal wood oven, they also bake, pickle and prepare elements of the meat and vegetable options they offer.

This is one of the specials - check daily on the board as they like to mix it up.   The minced Lamb is cooked in woodfire completely enveloping a cinnamon stick for that extra flavour that seeps into the marinated meat!

The Eye Fillet is cooked over woodfire absorbing the smokiness from the charcoal and served in thiis typical street style pita you would commonly see in Israel.  In the pocket of Pita bread its served with Chimchurri

​(Photo Caption: Up close and personal with the Eye Fillet Pita filling)

Cooked in the same way, the Chicken flavours of this Pita filling are seasoned with preserved lemon, ​saffrom and tahini.

​One of the main vegetarian options, the Sweet potato is slightly seasoned with sea salt and mediterranean spices allowing the natural flavours to be enhanced.

This accompanying dish, Flat pita with Za'atar, feta and olive oil is so filling it could be a main on its own.   This is one of the dishes on the menu where you remember what it is you fell in love with at Grumpy Baker when it first opened.

Home made hommus - an essential accompaniment that allows you to explore the new baked items with the old Grumpy Baker technique you know and love.   Amazing flavours in this entire dish with all components entrirely made from scratch!

Derived from the scorching climate of Israeli is a great contrast of salty feta and sweetness from the watermelon.   A light refreshing dessert options that completes the Israeli street food story.
Grumpy Baker are careful in the selection of curating items in their menu which are familiar to many other Mediterranean cuisines.  Their woodfire often ensures an enhanced flavour in their meats and bread and the elements in their dishes being made from scratch add to the excitement of this undiscovered Israeli menu.  
Price: $40 per person - Main, Accompaniment & Dessert

Location: 767 Old South Head Road Vaucluse 

Opening Hours:Bakery Open until 5pm daily with the Israeli Street Menu available 5pm to 9pm only Thursday to Sunday

This blog post was written by Joe
Weekend Food Escapes was a guest at this launch. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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