Friday, 3 February 2017

Holy Duck!, Chippendale

Holy Duck! is a modern Chinese fusion of duck, burgers, baos and pork belly. Holy Duck! is an extended sibling of the Chef's Gallery family and lives in the new trendy precinct of Kensington St in Chippendale. 

The decore is dim with modern music with Asian aesthetic touches. So how was my experience at Holy Duck! ?

Happy Lunar Year! Here's hoping the year of the firey rooster brings you much joy and luck. Holy Duck!!

For duck lovers, you are in for a treat. Judging by their name, you can probably guess their signature is the duck. You will have option of traditional roast duck or you can opt for a crispy duck. 

Out of pure curiousity, I order a quarter of crispy duck ($16). It comes with cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce. You can also order pancakes to accompany this dish. The staff can help you shread the duck up if you need help. MW really enjoys the crispy duck comparing it to how much he enjoys crispy chicken. MW loves duck so he's in his element. This dish is not traditional but I am enjoying the modern twist.

For those who know me well, you will know that fries are my world and I was definitely in my element. Fries before guys. For $6, you can get a generous portion of really well seasoned fries with tomato sauce. These french fries hit the spot for me.

The sides at Holy Duck! are really reasonably priced so I would highly recommend ordering the fries or the side salad which is an Asian salad in a sesame dressing. There's a lot of dressing. The salad is also $6.

There's also a series of rice dishes available on the Holy Duck! menu including one of their most popular, the crispy crackling roast pork with pommery mustard sauce. The pork ($16) is not crispy but more soft. The mustard is really a western fusion on your traditional roast pork. 

I sip on apple juice while MW sips on his little blue friend which contained grape juice. How cute are these little cans?

The highlight from the menu for me, personally has to be the Crazy Chick Burger ($12) which comes with fries and a small salad. I think this is the most high on value on the menu and this particular chicken burger was really delicious.

The crispy chicken is served up with slaw and Sriracha lemon kewpie (mayo). Chicken, mayo and slaw is such a great combination and this Crazy Chicken burger gets the two thumbs up from me. Recommend this.

If you're in more of a snacky mood, there's a few options like this Buns of Squeal which comes in a portion of 2 ($10). It's a braised pork belly in a steamed bao with cucumber, mustard pickles, chilli and fried onions. It's not really spicy, the mild sauce is quite nice. I recommend trying this dish.

Summary: Duck and Pork lovers will really enjoy Holy Duck! It's such a cute little modern fusion restaurant where you will experience traditional dishes served up in a more modern twist and flavour. My faves are the Crazy Chick Burger and the baos. I quite like the fries as well.

I think the sides are quite good and reasonably priced so you should order them as well.

Price: Depends on how much you want to eat - $15 to $40 per person. 

Location: 10/2 Kensington St, Chippendale

Opening Hours: 11am to 3pm daily and 5:30 to 10pm daily

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Cardinal Spin. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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