I recently spent a few days in Kiama and loved exploring this little town.  I went for a bit of a walk and absolutely enjoyed the views. Wowzer, look at that water and sky. As I walked along the water towards towards the main blow hole, the sun was coming out.

By the blow hole, there was a cute lighthouse (pictured above). The sky evolved into a beautiful shades of purple and blue. The wind really started to pick up though so I was hoping for some good height for the blow hole. (Pictured below) I got sprayed a few times but I quite enjoyed looking at the blow hole.

There are also some nice little beaches in Kiama that I suggest you explore. I went to Werri beach in Gerrigong and there's quite a view on top of the hill. My photo didn't quite turn out as well!

The boat harbour rock pool also located in Gerrigong has tiny little rocks as the base and is a safe place for kids or inexperienced swimmers to relax. (below is a picture by Andy posted on the Illawarra Mercury). My feet were being massaged by the little rocks but I have to admit a few sharp ones took me by surprise. None were sharp enough to cause anything beyond a minor surprising pain. 

Food Adventures in Kiama

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