Foreign Food Adventures - Korea

In April 2014, I went to Korea and vastly expanded my Korean palette.  My love of kimchee also significantly grew. My very first meal in Korea was amazing. Dumplings, noodle soup with a side of kimchee. A delicious but cheap and cheerful joint in Seoul.  This place was in Myeong-dong

The markets in Myeong-dong were amazing for street food too. A very popular dish was the sausage stick.   I loved the egg cake which is the second photo below.  Finally, I bought a potato stick but I also saw the potato stick with a sausage in the middle. 

Then there was an array of other treats like a small trio of waffles at this cafe where it's set for a drama series called Price Cafe.  It was a bit over priced but a nice setting to enjoy a special treat. 

The Korean BBQ was pretty good with a big dash of egg. I had this one at a Korean Chain called Baek Jeong which again wasn't far from our hotel J Hill. They give you a massive side of egg.

Based on trip advisor, we also went to Gogung Myeongdong restaurant which was beautifully decorated and was good for bibimbap but it didn't really rival the bibimbap on the plane on Korea Air. So upon reflection, perhaps not ideal if you only have a few days in Seoul.

When you go to Seoul, you must tried the Korean Fried Chicken! Our concierge recommend going to Chicken678 which did not disappoint! The chicken was amazingly tasty, crunchy, cheaper than your KFC chain and the chips were to die for.

Also my travelling partner Mel insisted we go to Tosokchon which is famous for its Ginseng Chicken because of it's medicial benefits. There was a massive queue so be patient.  I didn't really rate the broth for its taste but it was very comforting and seem to make my friend Mel less sick afterwards!

We also got something naughty with the Ginseng Soup which was the onion pancake. It was massive but so very tasty. A must buy with the Ginseng Soup.

Our last meal in Korea was the best. A little secret restaurant in Myeong-dong called Grandmas Noodle soup. You MUST eat here. The noodle soups were nice but you must get the rice cake noodles the the sushi looking like dish. You'll have to point as I have no idea what this was called. 

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