Monday, 29 March 2021

Malaysian Heritage Cuisine Event hosted by Jackie M

I recently attended an event to celebrate Malaysian Heritage Cuisine. The very talented and popular Jackie M hosted the event in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia (MAFI), in partnership with the Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC). Jackie M is a renowned chef and founder of Masters of Malaysian Cuisine.

This was my first foodie event since having my baby boy Benji which I have left at home with Mr Weekend Food Escapes. I missed him so much while I was at the event but it was good to socialise and be immersed back into the world of food.

Along with other media and influencers, I watched along with others all around the world in a live stream of Jackie M demonstrating how to make her famous Seremban Ngau Lam Fun (Beef Brisket Noodles). 

Jackie M talks us through all the ingredients and the recipe which you can also find here.  As many hawkers want to keep their recipe a secret, Jackie M explains that her Mum set out to crack the code on the Seremban Ngau Lam Fun recipe which over time Jackie M has perfected. The dish with the beef brisket is lightly marinated in a thick soy sauce which can also be known as caramelised soy, this adds a sweetness to the dish.

Here (above) is a sample of the finished product - Seremban Ngau Lam Fun (Beef Brisket Noodles). I slurp down those noodles and enjoy the beef brisket which is full of flavour. Wow! I do love the bold, full flavours of Malaysian cuisine. 

There was also Malaysian fruit tasting (pineapple, jackfruit and durian) at this event, plus an array of familiar and not-so-familiar Malaysian food products available in Australia. I must admit, I am still not a fan of durian but I have another taste to see if my palette has matured! I really love jackfruit and pineapple though! Have you tried these fruits before ? Have you used any of these fruits in your cooking?

Jackie M and a team of Malaysian cooks also cook up a feast of Malaysian delights for us to enjoy. My mouth is watering as I smell all the flavoursome dishes at this event. As I want to see my baby Benji off to bed, I eat a very efficient meal and devour these Malaysian delights before heading off home.

This event has certainly renewed my love of Malaysian food and reminded me of the delicious flavours of Malaysia. Check out all the delicious food I sampled below

You can watch the Jackie M's demonstration video here:



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