Monday, 19 August 2013

Ginga Sushi - Fortitude Valley - Brisbane

Ginga Sushi is a solid Japanese restaurant. There's a big sushi train that runs through the restaurant and office workers fill all the tables that line the big sushi train. It's popular so you should go early.

I tried to the Eel (Unagi) on rice. I mixed a tonne of wasabi with soy sauce and poured this over the rice as the dish can be a bit bland otherwise.  The Eel was nice but over sauced.  It would have melted in my mouth otherwise. My colleagues had the Chicken Katsu Udon which seemed to go down well.

A solid effort but not sure if I would return. I think I prefer to spend my dough on grilled - the burger joint across the road. I am missing the quality and value of Sydney Japanese!

I went to Ginga Sushi with my work colleagues in Brisbane -  a shout out to Lisa, Sinead and Brendon.  We've just hired someone in the Sydney office and word on the street is that he resembles Brendon so I closely studied Brendon's face.  I will have to stare down the new employee as well to see if the rumour rings true. I can't see it!
Chicken Katsu Udon and Unagi

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