Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Shanghai in Ashfield

I caught up with an old friend over a pot of oolong tea and dumplings at New Shanghai in Ashfield. It was jam packed with customers lining up for a table so I had high expectations.

Doughy Pork Fried Dumplings
Soup Filled Pork Dumplings

Shallot Pancake

 He tells me that usually the soup-filled dumplings are plump, juicy and simply melt in your mouth. On the day they were slightly dry but still had the beginnings of little tasty morsels of food. I also had the doughy, fried pork dumplings which went down well and filled you up quickly. The tea was refreshing and washed every thing down well. The shallot pancake was over cooked and looked quite burnt.

I'd like to go back to try a few more things because I think it could rival one of my
favourites - Taste of Shanghai.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Ribs and Rumps

Chicken "Parma"

Steak roll with perri perri sauce

Gia Hoi in Bankstown

Pictured: Pho Tai
Beef Pho

What do you eat when it's a cool autumn day?  A warm noodle dish with flavoursome beef; fresh herbs in a carefully hour long crafted broth.  I love vietnamese food. The Gia Hoi chain is reliable because vietnamese people run the restaurants.

Vietnamese food is full of fresh herbs, filling soups and noodles.

People venture all throughout Sydney to come to bankstown for it's pho.  Well worth it baby!

A big bowl so come hungry!!

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XinJiang - Fomerly SeaBay Restaurant Parramatta

I woke up this morning with a massive craving for handmade noodles. I instantly thought of Seabay restaurant in the city but I wasn't willing to make the trip.  Instead I settled for venturing out to Parramatta to visit it's sister restaurant.

When I got there, I realised there was a name change - a sly but swift sticker had been glued over the former Seabay restaurant name.  Everything else looked the same and there were some menu changes.

Some initial thoughts -
Stir fried Handmade noodles with chicken were flavoursome.  They were perfectly dancing in the right amount of oil and melted in your mouth.
Vegetable salad was freshly pickled but oversauced
Dumplings were dough heavy

Oh and be prepared to point at the pictures in the menu as English is limited with the staff.

Cheap meal for two :)
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Infinity Sourdough Bakery in Manly

I woke up on a cool Manly morning. It was fresh  and my chai latte cravings were high.  I needed that smooth, creamy chai latte.  This rustic looking bakery (with your fancy over priced bread) delivers that chai latte hit.

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Boat House in Palm Beach

Pictured: Breakfast sausage sandwich and tasty bacon & egg roll

Palm beach is beautiful. It's a bit of a drive but the serene peace and natural beauty is definitely worth it.  Breakfast at the Boat House was on a beautiful summer's day.  The views were magnificent so it was no wonder there was a mass of people.  A very busy cafe that was a bit of a drive away. Worth it though.

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Sky Phoenix in Manly

As part of the famous chain in Sydney.  There are Sky Phoenix in Parramatta, Rhodes and the city.

I've been to each one and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I want to focus on Manly today though.

I had a really enjoyable experience because of the music, waterviews and the food. 

Delicious highlights. The Har Gow (prawn dumpling) was tasty.  The the garlic and chive dumpling and also the snowpea and prawn dumpling melted in your mouth.  For a different texture I had the sesame prawn.  For dessert I had mango pancakes all washed down with chrysanthemum tea.
Side note: The mango pudding wasn't set and I had to ask to remove it off the bill.  I was 5c short and the woman wouldn't let it go so I had to break a $20 note over 5c.  It didn't really bother me but it affects my impression of the staff.
Yum cha is ideal for that hit on the weekend when you're tired from the long week and you've had a good sleep in.  The soothing views of Manly and the chill music are perfect when sipping tea while snacking on some dumplings.

Love those weekends.

Golden Star Palace in Cabramatta

I am such a massive fan of yum cha. There's something about sipping tea while devouring tasty little morsels of food.

I love Cabramatta. Vibrant, full of culture, colour and buzz.

I took this photo back in the day before they renovated the restaurant. It's tasty, cheap and has that special yum cha touch. You have trolley ladies who speak very little english and there are random tvs with MTV China in the background. 

It's a bit more polished now but I still like it.

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