Sunday, 28 July 2013

Chinese Noodle Restaurant - China town

Hand made noodles with beef

Lamb and chive dumplings

Pork and celery dumplings
This is my absolute favourite place for hand made noodles.  The dumplings are thick and doughy but very tasty as you put into the hot filling.  The noodles are hand made and are super delicious.

I've probably been here over a dozen times and tend to eat mostly noodles and dumplings but have tried a few other dishes too.  I once had the eggplant dish which was super tasty.

I usually call this place - "the place with the fake grapes on the roof" but more recently; when I went on a Friday night, there was also an eldery man playing the violin outside.  Jane knows what I'm talking about.  It's a bit cosy so I'd only suggest going with a very small group.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Chanoma - Regent Place, Sydney

Wow, this place is random and I have no idea what this "matcha latte" is meant to taste like but my drink was so non-yummy tasting that I piled it with sugar.  I had two little sips and gave up and walked out.

I went with my friend Mel and she struggled through her watery drink while mine was full of "matcha" taste which seem to be a cross between salty medicine and "uergh" taste.

Luckily we were going to Chef's gallery where my tastebuds would recover.

I will have to go back to try out their random hot dogs and desserts but I would steer clear of this "matcha" business.  Mel was highly amused by my facial expressions

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Home Thai - Sydney

Kao Kreab Pak Mhor: Steam rice flour with sweet peanuts, palm sugar and pork mince

Pad Thai 

Home Thai is the perfect thai place.  Buzzing atmosphere, quick food, value for money and most importantly yummy thai dishes.  Best washed down with a Corona surrounded with good company.

I love thai food. It gets a bit addictive.  Best to share dishes so you can try a bit of everything.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Taste of Shanghai - Eastwood

Deep fried dough with condensed milk (they taste like donuts)

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao: Dumplings with soup that burst into mouth

Poached Pork Dumplings in Chilli Oil

Rice Cake with Pork and Cabbage

I love Taste of Shanghai because it just has a splatter of morsels of deliciousness of dumplings, noodles and other delights.  It's consistent with fulfilling that dumpling hit.  I tried the sweet buns with condense milk for the first time, a nice change to the menu folks.

I also had my usual dumplings with soup, poached dumplings in chilli oil and rice cake with pork and cabbage.

Not the best dumplings in Sydney but a good consistent eatery.

This is somewhat of a regular venue for me.  I've been to the Eastwood one and the one in World Square.  On this particular occassion, I went with my old friend Andy.

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The chocolate room - Sydney (NOW CLOSED)

Hazelnut hot chocolate
Banana split

I went into the Chocolate Room for a dessert hit.  I ordered a hazelnut hot chocolate and a banana split.
 I like chocolate. But sometimes you order with your eyes and are less aware of your chocolate limits!

A sometimes venue - for me at least.  I left feeling chocolate "rich" in a very bad way.

Maybe I should have stopped at the Hazelnut hot chocolate.  The banana sundae almost gave me a heart attack.

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