Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Pancakes On The Rocks, The Rocks, Sydney

I have been to the pancakes on the rocks twice in the last two months.  The first time was at 3AM after my work xmas party.  The second time was after about a few casual drinks.  I think the food at pancakes on the rocks is generally average but since it's open all the time - it's pretty awesome.  If you go there then eat the pancakes!

The pancakes are generally a big win.  Soft, fluffy, thick pancakes !!! Probably best shared with a few people.

Prices - about 15-20 per person

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Monday, 30 December 2013

Nakashima Japanese, The Rocks, Sydney

After about 5 hours of drinking on the last day of the working year; I was hungry with a touch of tipsy.  Two of my girlfriends and I deserted my Irish work colleagues  and decided to eat some Japanese food in the rocks.

The gyoza was a good balance of crunch, soft juicy meat and soft textures. The gyoza is more authentic than a lot of the Korean run Japanese restaurants.  The eel was tasty but small in portion.  The Sashimi was fresh and had the usual salmon, king fish and tuna varieties.

Price: Approximately 20 per person (when sharing with girls - maybe more with guys :) )

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Thu Phuong Dessert and Coffee, Cabramatta

My work friend kept on talking about this avocado and durian drink.  I hear all sorts of horrible things about the durian fruit and while i've tasted small amounts of durian - i've decided that since there are so many other flavours, textures and smells that it's best to stay away from this. However my friend convinced me to try this "amazing avocado and durian drink" Thu Phuong Dessert and Coffee.

What is the verdict?  It was tasty and the hint of durian is tiny.  It's definitely a drink to test your conventional taste buds.  I think it grows on you.  I think it's worth giving it a go if you're in Cabramatta!

Price - Approximately $5

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Jones the Grocer - Dessert (NOW CLOSED)

Can anyone say OMG DELICIOUS, I'M HAVING A FOOD COMA?  The caramel cheesecake was mainly responsible for food coma and it lives up to it's sexual food allure.  It was rich, delicious and had a thick caramel hard base.  I had a foodgasm.

The cranberry and coconut muffin was tasty too.  It was amazing.  Yummmo

Price: About $6 per dessert

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Commodore Hotel, North Sydney

We had a work function and typically with the pubs - the food is average or you have to be quite drunk to enjoy the food.  However I had a very different experience at the Commodore.  I have been here for drinks before and it's a nice cosy pub to enjoy a few drinks.  What is the food like though? This is what you want to know!

I ordered the truffle fries and the octopus salad.  I love truffle flavours and there was a nice drizzle of truffle oil on the fries which had mushrooms and parmesan cheese. They were devoured by myself and my colleagues very quickly.  The octopus salad was good too.

My colleagues next to me had the steak and the burger.  They looked pretty good and the verdict was a thumbs up baby!


Prices = $20-25 per main

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Black Penny, Surry Hills

My friend had her birthday drinks here.  Everyone was dressed up and over a few drinks; I had a nibble on a few things.  The prawn dish was very spicy but was delicious.  The second dish below was a bunch of chorizo, haloumi and olives drenched in oil.

A good spot for a drink and a snack

Price: about 10-15 per dish

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Pho Express, North Sydney

A hearty, filling, soothing, express lunch in North Sydney.  I tried the pho in Berry Square and the broth was horrible in comparison to Pho Express. I know you can't expect too much from food court Vietnamese but I would walk the extra 50 metres and come to North Point for Pho Express Pho.

I also order the spring roll, vermicelli noodle salad sometimes :) I like that crunchy dish. I love those spring rolls.

Top up with thai basil, lemon and chilli and you've got a great lunch.

Price: 10 per person

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Fika, Manly, Sydney

A casual cafe in Manly for a quick bite to eat after a day at the beach.  As expected; a little pricey due to the location but it's something a bit different. It was quite hot in there actually so maybe some air con would have made the meal :) But what about the food you ask?

The food was nice but definitely falls in the casual eat zone for lunch.  It has a swedish flavour so you will have the choice of a few dishes that are out of the ordinary for a cafe.  

Price : about 20-25 per person

Goats cheese curd, pear, walnuts & figs

Cured salmon with mashed egg, mayo & dill

Meat Balls w Beetroot relish & orange

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hicksons, Walsh Bay, NSW

What a great view at Walsh Bay!  My friend and I were starving so we ordered a bunch of dishes.  The dishes were reasonably priced but relative small portions. I think the intention is that you order several dishes to share. All the dishes below were shared between two people.

The fish was nice, a little more sauce would have been good. The figs were the highlight for me.  The beetroot was nice and the mulloway was well cooked. I'd definitely come back and live it up.

The property around Walsh Bay is pretty swissh and I made the comment to a work colleague that people who own property in this area would probably be older and earning more money.  I would love to own some property in that area! He mentioned that he did indeed live in that area and appeared somewhat offended by implying he was over the hill.  

Time it so that you miss the theatre rush!

Prices ~ 50 per person

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bridge st Garage, CBD Sydney

Bridge St Garage is all about burgers in a garage-type feel place.  There seemed to be a crowd of people drinking there as it's located in the middle of the CBD. But how was the food you ask?

I thought the burger was nice.  Chips were solid. Chicken Caesar salad was good enough. My friend didn't think there was enough dressing.  Cocktails were good but not the best.

Overall verdict?  Definitely worth a try but I'm not sure I'd become a regular here. It's a nice joint. A lot of buzz so it may be a good spot to stop by after a few drinks or before a few drinks.

Price ~ 20-30 per person

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Don Don, The Cross

I was looking for a quick and cheap eat on oxford st.  This is a good, cheap, steady eddy sort of place to eat.  I ordered the udon chicken salad. A surprisingly good mix which is not your typically on a Japanese menu.  My friend was happy with her chicken noodle dish as well.

Prices ~ $10

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Waitan Restaurant, China Town, Sydney

This is a new restaurant so you don't really know if it will good. Time generally determines whether one will make it or not. Having read a few reviews about the lavish opening and how much coin was spent on this place; I didn't know what to expect.

Apparently the highlight dish to try was the duck. My munchkin friend ordered the duck even though it was for two people and she is tiny.  Her verdict was good but expected more for a signature dish

My fish was really nice and well cooked in a thai red curry broth. It probably needed a little more moisture to be perfect. The dessert was nice but I couldn't taste the miso.  Maybe give it a miss and get dessert elsewhere.

A nice place for a posh dinner

Price = ~ 40-50 per person


Duck bun
Miso Cheesecake

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Harajuku Gyoza, Darlinghurst

So it's a Friday night and you want to have a couple of drinks in the cross.  Harajuku Gyoza is a nice spot for a quick snack and maybe down some sake.  The atmosphere is funky fresh and decore is sleek, modern and filled with lots of things to look at.  There are plates on the wall and geisha women walking around.

My friends were saying the pork belly were awesome. We tried a bunch of gyozas and I thought the kim chi gyoza was very different and tasty.  I'm not sure if I am a fan of the other gyozas.  The dessert dumplings were different too, I tried the caramel, apple and nutella gyozas with a side of ice cream.  Definitely worth a try once at least.

I was invited to visit Harajuku Gyoza in Darlinghurst so I brought a long a few gal pals and we also moved onto World Bar afterwards!

Eggplant, Pork Belly, Tofu

Assorted Dumplings

Salad, Plum wine, Beans


Sake time. 

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