Friday, 30 August 2013

Baroque - The Rocks

Indulgence is probably the best word to describe the pictures below.  After some secret women's business; Mel and I decided to spoil ourselves with some dessert at Baroque.

The salted caramel macaroon was heaven.  Absolute heaven.  The passionfruit macaroon was good too but that salted caramel macaroon took me to new sweet heavenly heights.  

The chocolate dessert was also a delight if you can handle sugar hit after sugar hit. It was so beautifully presented and definitely fulfilled my chocolate cravings.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Ecco Bistro - Brisbane

I came here all on my lonesome but was eager to try the Salmon main.  It was absolutely delicious. The rich sweet corn risotto was amazing. It's not quite a risotto but more like a generous sauce of corn, spinach, hollandaise type sauce.  The Salmon was fresh, crunchy and delicious.

It's a slightly posh place so expect to pay a little more $.  I'd definitely come back given the opportunity. Ecco Bistro is highly recommended by most of my friends.

Seared Salmon, Risotto of Sweet Corn, Green Onion, Spinach and Tomato Vinaigrette.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sky Phoenix - Westfield Sydney

Prawn Dumpling, Scallop Dumpling, Garlic Chive Prawn Dumpling

Prawn in Rice Noodle

Sky Phoenix is a popular chain.  The CBD one is probably mid range in comparison to the competition in China Town.   Regardless, the CBD Sky Phoenix still delivers good dumplings, variety of choices and buzzing atmosphere.  A slightly pricey yum cha but you always get a table and it's convenient location inside Westfield is handy for a break from shopping.

Isn't Yum Cha just a great experience?  I've been here a few times and it certainly delivers a reliable yum cha service but check out china town first :)

Came here with my gal pal Mel and luckly we have the exactly the same taste when it comes to Yum Cha and what dumplings we like.  We decided on skipping dessert and trying something fancier somewhere else in the city.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pho Hoang Gia - Fortitude Valley - Brisbane

Pho Hoang Gia is the definition of cheap and cheerful. A reliable eatery for tasty Vietnamese food.  The noodle soup (phở) is pretty filling and tasty.  The fresh rice paper rolls were good, the pancake was awesome but the highlight was the pho.

My favourite Vietnamese dish is typically vermicelli with spring rolls but with a friend who had never tried Vietnamese food before so I had to bring out the classics. I know Vietnamese food.  I love it.

Solid work Pho Hoang Gia.  Cheap and Cheerful to a T.  A must for a lazy, casual Sunday night.

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls

Seafood Vietnamese Pancake

Beef Pho

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Tatsuya - West Ryde

Known as West Ryde's most popular restaurant and the only one set right by a petrol station. It has set the standard for suburban Japanese in Sydney.  The Sashimi Platter is amazing, always reliably fresh and tasty.  My photo does not do it justice. 

 I have been to Tatsuya a million times. Definitely my favourites and in my opinion the best restaurant in West Ryde.  You should book if you want a table on a Friday or Saturday. Unfortunately closed on Sundays. It is run by Koreans but it's still awesome for a Suburban Japanese Restaurant. 

Crunchy Prawn Roll
The crunchy prawn roll is lovely. It's got a tempura prawn with cucumber and slaw wrapped in the rice roll. It's just a great combination of flavours and goes so well with soy and wasabi. The crunchy prawn roll (above) is $12.

The sashimi platters (below) are full of fresh sashimi of Salmon, King Fish and Tuna. The regular Sashimi has 16 pieces and is currently $19.50. I love how the sashimi is cut slightly thicker. It always tastes very fresh.
Sashimi Regular 
The Age Maki (below) is another favourite entree of mine. It's clear noodles wrapped in seaweed and then tempura batter. Then it's fried for cripsy goodness! The Age Maki is $8.50 for 6 pieces.

Prices: $30 per head

Location: 2 Chatham Rd, West Ryde

Age Maki

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Groove Train - Brisbane

Sorry folks, a disappointing experience for me so I wouldn't return.

The Moroccan Lamb was far from Moroccan flavours. The salty, rich tomato sauce covered the lamb which tasted a bit old.  The sweet potato mash was nice but completely clashed with the flavours of the tomato sauce.

I'll be honest, I didn't eat much of this.  Perhaps others can recommend more tasty dishes?

My friend enjoyed the thai curry.  I wasn't convinced but I was scarred by the Moroccan Lamb.

Moroccan Lamb with Sweet Potato Mash. Not great.

Green Thai Curry

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Sea Bay Restaurant - Sydney

I wasn't game enough to order this one.

Hot and Sour Soup with hand made cut noodles

Pork and Chive dumpling

Pumpkin Dumplings

Seabay is known for it's delicious hand made noodles and pumpkin dumplings!  I personally prefer the hand made noodles of Chinese Noodle Restaurant in China Town but I have to admit Seabay is a close rival.

I have never seen pumpkin dumplings on the menu before and it's still seems to be a specialty at seabay.  All the dishes I've historically tried here have been fantastic.  I always get a noodle dish of some short and a dumpling dish. The dumplings are good but not comparable to Chinese Noodle Restaurant. The meat based dishes are good but not as awesome.  Trust me!

One of my favourite places to eat in the city. It's high on value and high on delicious quality food. Such a popular joint!  The decore needs improvement and it can get crowded but worthwhile putting up with.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cucina - South Bank - Brisbane

I thought the food here was average. It's taking advantage of it's position really in South Bank.  Maybe I'm being harsh and only judging on a few dishes but I'd rather try a few other places.

The customer service wasn't great either. I wouldn't recommend this place. Pass

Ocean Trout with Salad

Lamb with Haloumi

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Customs House - Brisbane

Bright, Beautiful Water Views
Chai Latte
Poached eggs, wilted spinach, Swiss brown and oyster mushrooms, shaved Parmesan, truffle oil, ciabatta

Poached eggs with smoked salmon, buttered spinach, dill hollandaise, toasted ciabatta
It was absolutely perfect on a beautiful fresh morning in Brisbane.  The chai latte was smooth and refreshing. The poached eggs with mushrooms were tasty, filling and full of textures.  The poached eggs with Salmon combined that awesome mix of hollandaise, salmon and was balanced with the spinach.

What a great place to have breakfast!!!!!!!!

A definite recommend.

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Hanaichi - Queen St Mall - Brisbane

The hunt for awesome sushi in Brisbane was unfortunately disappointing in this instance at Hanaichi.  I went here wanting fresh sushi but got mediocre average sushi with a limited range.  I came here on a Saturday night and they had run out King fish by 6:30pm. 

It's the foodcourt sushi train but with the expensive price tag. I'd give this one a miss.  I've been told most people love Hanaichi so maybe give it a go.  Maybe I went on a bad night and picked the wrong things

Grilled Salmon and Prawn Sushi

Seared Scallop

Onion galore and avocado Salmon Sushi


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Chow House - Fortitude Valley - Brisbane

I had a very quick lunch at Chow House.  The chicken colesaw roll was a naughty quick lunch.  Shame I can't come back any time soon.  The roll was tasty but a colesaw overload!

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Le Bon Choix - Brisbane CBD

Apple danish
This place is absolutely amazing!  You really do eat with your eyes at Le Bon Choix and all the cakes are neatly lined up to entice you into devouring everything.

The Almond Crossant was so delicious and the best I've ever had.  It had a rich tasting crunch and then just melted in your mouth. Best washed down with a chai latte (in my opinion at least).

The Apple Danish was also really good but that almond crossant was defintely the show stopper for me.
Almond Crossant
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China House Seafood Restaurant - Fortitude Valley - Brisbane

Prawn Dumpling

Prawn and Garlic Dumpling

Prawn in soft flat white noodle

Big tables line this chinese restaurant.  Large groups/families of asian descent fill the larger tables in the back feasting on chinese delights.

It doesn't quite compare to the quality of Sydney yum cha restaurants but I suspect it comes down to the amount of competition that thrives in China town and Sydney CBD.  There weren't that many trolleys of food that weren't full of fried, greasy dishes but the dumplings were still solid. This place is definitely for value as well.  Definitely for value compared to any other yum cha places I've been to

I haven't been to many other yum cha restaurants in Brisbane but thought I would give this one a go.

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