Sunday, 27 April 2014

El Loco at Slip Inn, Sydney

I just want to go back to El Loco. I have a slight addiction I think. Luckily one of my friends had birthday drinks at the Slip Inn which gave me an opportunity to try their fries, salsa/dip with corn chips and indulge in those tacos. This is my favourite booze food.

After a few vodka cranberries, the food was probably more tasty because of the inherent tipsiness that ensued. My favourite salsa/dip is still probably at Mexico in Surry Hills (which has since closed) but these snacks are still good.

Fries with chipotle sauce - Chipotle fries served with chipotle mayo $ 7

Salsa, avocado and corn chips - Corn chips with Guacamole and salsa  $6

Tacos! $6 each (slightly more than the Sussex version)

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Art of Gelato Michelangelo, Easter show

I've been told that the Art of Gelato Michaelangelo is a very popular chain with a store in Fairfield that would rival the hype and quality of the more famous Gelato Messina.

A salted caramel ice cream from Art of Gelato Michelangelo was just what the doctor ordered which was followed by a good dose of Wood Chopping with some good company at the Easter Show.  The salted caramel ice cream was tasty but I think I have to go back to try all the other flavours.  There was quite a line but the whole easter show is crowded and full of children.

Ice cream is the bomb.  Forget the frozen yoghurt craze. This ice cream cost me $5

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter show food - Waffle Dog, Sydney

Did you go to the Eastershow and eat lots of ridiculously tasty but unhealthy treats like cheese on a stick? Pluto Stick (fried hot dog)?  Did you try this years' waffle dog?

I personally avoid all these sorts of treats but a large part of me was wondering what the new waffle dog was like. For $5 at the Carousel Cafe, you can have a waffle dog which is a hot dog encased in a waffle batter.  You have the option of having maple syrup or tomato sauce to accompany the treat.

The verdict?  Waffles and hot dogs do not complement one another and this does not taste good. However if you just want another hit/dose of heart attack than go ahead !  

Yoghurtland, George St, Sydney

As a inexperienced frozen yoghurt eating blogger, I'll tell you about my experience.  I stumbled in here slightly tipsy with a friend who likes frozen yoghurt.  The young man running the store was very polite and when I started bombarding him with questions about the different flavours - he was only happy to tell me which flavours were horrible tasting and which ones were ok to tasty.  I tried a few flavours before just settling for a taro and a chocolate one.  I topped up with strawberries, lychee balls, oreos, brownie and chocolate flakes.  It was a nice treat but not amazing.

In my current state, I was also very perplexed and confused about the messages on the yoghurt cups.  Cows do not dream of pushing out frozen yoghurt from their utters. In my cow dreams, the cows use mascara on their long eye lashes and dream of making ice cream - the real dessert. None of this frozen yoghurt bull shit fake dessert.

For the two yoghurts below it was $10.

A few people have said to me that Yogurtberry is way better than yoghurtland.  Given I am not a big fan of frozen yoghurt (in Australia at least); I don't know if I can really comment.  Come by and give this place a go.  Ask the staff which flavours are good and taste the yoghurt and judge for yourself.

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Assembly Bar, Sydney

Assembly Bar is my favourite bar. I like the atmosphere and I constantly bring friends here to hang out over a beverage or two.  The food used to be good but I've had some pretty dodgey food when it gets busy so I suggest just drinking here.

I like outer part of the bar with the fake grass, the tables made out of doors and greenery on the walls. Inside, it's dark with brown, cushion couches on the right, tables with stools in the middle and little milk crate like seats upstairs.  It's trendy but not wanky.

I love it.  My staple drinks (vodkas, beers) are about $8-$10 each with cocktails ranging from $18/19

I also love a touch of truffle mushroom sauce with my chips.

Come here for a chill drink with a friend or a quiet drink with a date.  Go inside in the dark if you're with a date for some subtle flirting :)

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Shoyu Japanese Restaurant - Sydney CBD (now closed)

There are so many Japanese restaurants in the Sydney CBD and so I generally stick to my high quality favourites but a friend had suggested catching up at Shoyu.

Prices: About $15-$20 for mains. $30-35 per person including drinks and entrees

To be honest; there were some highlights and some "do not order" again dishes. To start us off, we started sipping on some beers and ordered some edamame ($5.8) which was lacking in salt.  Don't even bother ordering the gyoza ($7.8) which was not tasty as it was over cooked and the shell was just burnt crispy skin.

We also ordered the sashimi main ($23) which was fresh and tasty. The Udon Tempura was a win as well. It was tasty and homely ($15.80).  I'd definitely come back and give some of the other dishes a go. Check it out folks. It's a nice cosy restaurant with good atmosphere. My friend tells me it's a good place for lunch as well.

Japanese twins

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Adriano Zumbo Patissier, Sydney

There's a reason why I don't follow the hype.  And let's be honest, Adriano Zumbo has a lot hype around him and his food - on Masterchef and all different forms of media. I don't follow the hype because it's not as enjoyable for me because I have heightened expectations and it's not the same as trying something for the first time with no expectations.

So when someone surprised me with two zumbo delights; I didn't have time to slumber in the hype. I just tasted both the Mylo Can and the Thyme Passion Cake...

Prices: About $10 per cake

The green sponge on the Mylo was soft and within there were several layers of different textures. It was a highly rich and tasty cake and very complex in taste/textures. Perhaps because I am a zumbo virgin; I found the dessert very rich.  It was an experience though and I now understand why zumbo is special.  Worthy of the hype.

The thyme passion cake was beautiful but after a dose of the rich Mylo cake - I was struggling!  I couldn't really taste the thyme but the passion cake was beautiful. Packed with a passion fruit punch and again, several layers of different tastes and textures.  You just need to crack into the sweet shell. A great cake. So you just have to prepare for that very rich hit! It needs something to really cut through the richness of both cakes. Take the cakes home with some ice cream and coffee!!

Thyme Passion Cake $9 and Mylo Can Cake $9.5 (back)

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Abhi's Indian, North Strathfield

Indian is a very popular cuisine but some would argue is hard to find quality Indian.  This was the highest rated Indian restaurant in North Strathfield so how was my experience?

All the food was very high quality and tasty and while I'm no expert on the topic of Indian food; it was a nice dance on the tastebuds.  I don't think it quite rivals some of the food i've tried in Harris Park but the atmosphere, customer service and experience was of a higher quality.

Prices: About $20 per main

The entree was amazing and was a special.  I would strongly suggest asking for recommendations from the staff if you are not an expert.  It was a mini burst of flavoursome, yoghurty texture with that papadum-like crunch on the outside.

The two curries that we ordered were quite nice and were well accompanied with the rice and naan.  The dessert was an indian cheesecake and my dinner date thought it was really unique and tasty. I personally am addicted to the American style cheesecake that I probably didn't appreciate the different taste.

Any Indian food experts have any thoughts on Abhi's?

It was a nice change to the usual oriental Asian food that I eat a lot of...

Ennai Kathrikai ($18.8) Baby eggplant and banana chillies in a ground paste of cashew, peanut, sesame, coconut, cooked in Hyderabadi style 

Chicken Makhni ($21.8) - Tenderless boneless chicken roasted in Tandoor then blended with fenugreek, tomato and cream

Naan ($3.8)

Basmati rice $3.2

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Figtree Churrasco, Mayfield/New Castle

My Irish friend highly recommended this restaurant.  For $79, you can go crazy for the full Churrasco experience. A nice bottle of Argentinian wine to accompany the meat is a must.  It's a slightly dearer Brazilian experience but something you must try if you are in the area.

Beginner Tapas -Crumbed Feta with Blueberry, Mushroom, Sea Chowder sample or Cous Cous alternative
To start you off; try a few of the tapas to activate your taste buds. The crumbed feta was tasty with blueberry compote. The mushroom was slightly dry. The cous cous was tasty. (all pictured above).

Try not to load up on the bread but the tomato, goats cheese dip was pretty tasty.  Trust me though. Do not eat too much of this. You will need the stomach space.
Tomato and Goats Cheese with Bread (it's a tough spicey)
Grilled Haloumi 
The haloumi was slightly dry and plastic like to be honest.
OMG potatos with a side salad. Sauces include apple cinnamon dip, BBQ sauce and fig jam sauce

So instead, I tried to overcome my tastebuds with the tasty potato and some side salad. Little did I know, some of the best courses are coming through.  Firstly, there was the prawn then one of my favourite dishes of the night was the blue fin tuna which was slightly seared (pictured below). It was light, fresh and did not taste awfully fishy for those non-fishy fans.  My tastebuds then went into overdrive with the course of pineapple which was intended to cleanse the palette (pictured below).

Seared Blue Fin Tuna (Sashimi Grade of course)

Highlight - Pineapple
For all you meat eaters, you are now wondering how was the meat and how well was it cooked?  The beef was perfectly cooked. The meat melted in your mouth and accompanying sauces were amazing. The lamb was good, the chicken and pork were good and the chorizo was average.

I got seconds on the tuna and a small slice of pineapple to dessert my little butt away.  I ate way too much. It was a good experience though. Give it a go if you have some mula to spend.
Wagyu Beef

The Lamb


Pork and the last course is Chorizo (not pictured)
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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Terrace Pub - North Sydney


The Terrace has had a slight make over and I then went back for lunch. I found that the decore was much more pleasant but food was not as good as it was. The presentation of the food was still pretty but what's the point if the food doesn't go down well.

Maybe there are just some teething issues.  The $10 steak deal seems to have expanded to Monday to Thursdays.  I'll have to think about this one.

I go to the terrace every few months when I'm in dire need of protein.  This generally involves a steak sandwich or the steak.  If you go early in the week (Mon - Wed) it's a $10 steak with a drink. The food is tasty and consistent. The food is pretty too and is well presented.

On this particular occasion I ordered the steak - medium but it was slightly rare.  The mushroom sauce is beautiful and makes a great sauce for the crispy chips. The salad is minor but does the job to refresh your palette. In the majority of instances where I've ordered the steak it has been more accurately cooked. I would suggest getting there early for a table.

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