Monday, 10 June 2013

Tasca Tapas - Gladesville (NOW CLOSED)

Sometimes I don't expect grand things from tiny surburban restaurants but so your expectations will be exceeded by 10 fold when you go to Tasca Tapas.

It's this little place which looks a bit dodgey but the food is amazing.  I think the owner does all the cooking.  One man show - but it's a damn good show.

Yummo! Tapas should be tasty mouthful of homely food and that's exactly what you get at Tasca Tapas.  It's a tiny restaurant so you have to book or turn up early or late.
Fried Eggplant w cheese 

I ended up eating most of the food before I remembered to take photos!  Each and every dish was awesome.
Sliced rump with salsa

Saffron prawns

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