Monday, 24 June 2019

Business class, Emirates Refreshed Boeing 777

I recently had the pleasure of flying business emirates on a work trip. The trip starts with a complimentary chauffeur pick up from my home to the airport. Then I make my way through the airport straight into the Sydney International Emirates business lounge.
As it's lunch time, I make a beeline for the food and have a look at what's available. There's an assortment of cheeses which take my fancy, I make a conscious note to come back.

For those with a sweet tooth, you may be tempted by the chocolate creme brulee or the cake. For me it's the chocolate coated profiteroles. There's a hot buffet of food ranging from curries, pasta, beef skewers, salmon and vegetables. I settle down with a few beef skewers, some roasted potatoes and a little bit of salmon for lunch.

In terms of drinks, you will see a series of teas, hot chocolate, even chai powder. You also have access to a fridge of juices, beers and you can pour your own wine, spirits or champagne. There's also a few computers if you are looking to go online.

I also flip through some magazines while sipping on sparkling wine before my flight.

So on my travels there, I travelled on a Emirates Boeing 777 and on the way back I flew on their newer fleet of A380 which has the bar at the back of business class. If you have the flexibility then definitely choose the A380. It has more space, more storage, mini bar and the seat lays a bit more horizontal.

So here are some photos from my experience there on the Emirates Boeing 777. The advantage of flying business class has to be the space. There's additional space for your belongings and you can stretch out your legs and also lay down to sleep. From Sydney to Dubai, it's about a 14 hour flight so I'm grateful to be flying business.

Emirates has an entertainment system called ICE so I am eager to check out what movies are available. I put on my headphones and enjoy the quality sound with the movies. I also rip open the blanket and cover myself for major comfort mode.

There's also complimentary socks/eyeshades and a bvlgari amenity kit which has everything you could need including toothbrush, moisturiser and compact mirror. In the bathroom, there's also additional toothbrushes and perfume if you need to freshen up.

For those who are thirsty, there's a selection of cocktails, wine and non-alcoholic drinks as well. I settle down to a nice glass of wine, some nuts and watch a series of romantic comedies including Crazy Rich Asians and Notting Hill.

For lunch, there is a tray of food on white cloth and real cutlery. I choose the scallops for entree and the beef brisket for main. I enjoy the olive oil and balsamic vinegar with the bread. I skip on the dessert as I indulged too much in the business lounge. I also decide to catch some zzz's.

As I land in Dubai for a stop over, I again head to the business lounge and based on advice from work colleagues, I head to the shower. There's a short wait before I have a shower and dry my hair. The business lounge provides a towel for your comfort and new bathmat to stand on. I pack a change of clothes so I can be comfortable on my second leg.

So of course, I have a look at what food they have at the Dubai Emirates Business Lounge.... I have to say their range of sweets and desserts is more extensive than the Sydney lounge. There's also an upstairs smoking area (which I quickly walk away from) and settle downstairs. There's also a hot buffet area and the usual drinks area in the business lounge.

I start nodding off to sleep and keep myself away with some sparkling water before heading back on another plane. It's another 7 hours to Amsterdam. 

I manage to catch some zzz's and enjoy a nice breakfast of mushroom omelette, smokey beans and potato along with bread, fruit and yoghurt.

 When I land in Amsterdam, I navigate through the airport and find my chauffeur driver. I am finally at my destination in Rotterdam! 

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  1. It's so fun to be able to travel in business class. Seems like you enjoyed it. Have a great trip in Rotterdam. I'll look forward to your food posts!