Friday, 16 August 2013

Mexico - Surry Hills, Sydney (Closed for now)

Soft Tortillas with guacamole -Yummo Entree

HOT HOT HOT Chipotle taco- but so good.

Chorizo with half dried grapes

Sauces baby!
I really liked this place.  The carafe of plum margaritas goes down well with the delicious treats of Mexico's sexy dishes.  It is a modern twist on mexican food - it's like fancy mexican :)

The place is buzzing and packed so come early if you want a table.  Try the specials as my favourites were definitely the soft tortillas with guacamole and the chipotle taco was AMAZING.

Alternatively sip a few sneaky drinks at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere. Once of the better places to be in central.  I came here with Matt and we both agreed we'd have to come back to try more of the dishes.  The food for some reason got us talking about Australia's national anthem and tested whether we knew the second verse! Yes we were singing :)

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