Sunday, 4 August 2013

Miso - World Square, Sydney

Karaage Chicken and Edamame 

Pork Katsu set

Unagi Set
Miso is the perfect place to eat with your eyes.  The presentation of food stimulates all sorts of senses. The bento box gives you a nice variety of textures and bits and pieces to eat.

My favourite dish is the Unagi set.  It's actually quite a lot of food so consider it a big lunch or big dinner.  This place isn't really known for it's sashimi, it's more the cooked food that you should focus on.  Buy a bottle of wine from downstairs in world square and you're set.

It's very bright in the restaurant so be warned for those who prefer darker places

I've been here a million times including one time when I caught up with my friend Chris and I was also meant to be meeting this other girl because I found her wallet on the street.  I looked up the girl's details on facebook and msged her.  We arranged to meet at Miso so I could return the wallet. I got way too caught up talking to my friend Chris who was moving to the United States. Meanwhile she rang me a million times and I didn't pick up.  Eventually she got a friend to walk into the restaurant and got the wallet! Awkward!

Sorry about that random story.
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