Friday, 23 August 2013

Tatsuya - West Ryde

Known as West Ryde's most popular restaurant and the only one set right by a petrol station. It has set the standard for suburban Japanese in Sydney.  The Sashimi Platter is amazing, always reliably fresh and tasty.  My photo does not do it justice. 

 I have been to Tatsuya a million times. Definitely my favourites and in my opinion the best restaurant in West Ryde.  You should book if you want a table on a Friday or Saturday. Unfortunately closed on Sundays. It is run by Koreans but it's still awesome for a Suburban Japanese Restaurant. 

Crunchy Prawn Roll
The crunchy prawn roll is lovely. It's got a tempura prawn with cucumber and slaw wrapped in the rice roll. It's just a great combination of flavours and goes so well with soy and wasabi. The crunchy prawn roll (above) is $12.

The sashimi platters (below) are full of fresh sashimi of Salmon, King Fish and Tuna. The regular Sashimi has 16 pieces and is currently $19.50. I love how the sashimi is cut slightly thicker. It always tastes very fresh.
Sashimi Regular 
The Age Maki (below) is another favourite entree of mine. It's clear noodles wrapped in seaweed and then tempura batter. Then it's fried for cripsy goodness! The Age Maki is $8.50 for 6 pieces.

Prices: $30 per head

Location: 2 Chatham Rd, West Ryde

Age Maki

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