Monday, 21 April 2014

Abhi's Indian, North Strathfield

Indian is a very popular cuisine but some would argue is hard to find quality Indian.  This was the highest rated Indian restaurant in North Strathfield so how was my experience?

All the food was very high quality and tasty and while I'm no expert on the topic of Indian food; it was a nice dance on the tastebuds.  I don't think it quite rivals some of the food i've tried in Harris Park but the atmosphere, customer service and experience was of a higher quality.

Prices: About $20 per main

The entree was amazing and was a special.  I would strongly suggest asking for recommendations from the staff if you are not an expert.  It was a mini burst of flavoursome, yoghurty texture with that papadum-like crunch on the outside.

The two curries that we ordered were quite nice and were well accompanied with the rice and naan.  The dessert was an indian cheesecake and my dinner date thought it was really unique and tasty. I personally am addicted to the American style cheesecake that I probably didn't appreciate the different taste.

Any Indian food experts have any thoughts on Abhi's?

It was a nice change to the usual oriental Asian food that I eat a lot of...

Ennai Kathrikai ($18.8) Baby eggplant and banana chillies in a ground paste of cashew, peanut, sesame, coconut, cooked in Hyderabadi style 

Chicken Makhni ($21.8) - Tenderless boneless chicken roasted in Tandoor then blended with fenugreek, tomato and cream

Naan ($3.8)

Basmati rice $3.2

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