Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Adriano Zumbo Patissier, Sydney

There's a reason why I don't follow the hype.  And let's be honest, Adriano Zumbo has a lot hype around him and his food - on Masterchef and all different forms of media. I don't follow the hype because it's not as enjoyable for me because I have heightened expectations and it's not the same as trying something for the first time with no expectations.

So when someone surprised me with two zumbo delights; I didn't have time to slumber in the hype. I just tasted both the Mylo Can and the Thyme Passion Cake...

Prices: About $10 per cake

The green sponge on the Mylo was soft and within there were several layers of different textures. It was a highly rich and tasty cake and very complex in taste/textures. Perhaps because I am a zumbo virgin; I found the dessert very rich.  It was an experience though and I now understand why zumbo is special.  Worthy of the hype.

The thyme passion cake was beautiful but after a dose of the rich Mylo cake - I was struggling!  I couldn't really taste the thyme but the passion cake was beautiful. Packed with a passion fruit punch and again, several layers of different tastes and textures.  You just need to crack into the sweet shell. A great cake. So you just have to prepare for that very rich hit! It needs something to really cut through the richness of both cakes. Take the cakes home with some ice cream and coffee!!

Thyme Passion Cake $9 and Mylo Can Cake $9.5 (back)

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