Friday, 25 April 2014

Assembly Bar, Sydney

Assembly Bar is my favourite bar. I like the atmosphere and I constantly bring friends here to hang out over a beverage or two.  The food used to be good but I've had some pretty dodgey food when it gets busy so I suggest just drinking here.

I like outer part of the bar with the fake grass, the tables made out of doors and greenery on the walls. Inside, it's dark with brown, cushion couches on the right, tables with stools in the middle and little milk crate like seats upstairs.  It's trendy but not wanky.

I love it.  My staple drinks (vodkas, beers) are about $8-$10 each with cocktails ranging from $18/19

I also love a touch of truffle mushroom sauce with my chips.

Come here for a chill drink with a friend or a quiet drink with a date.  Go inside in the dark if you're with a date for some subtle flirting :)

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