Friday, 18 April 2014

Figtree Churrasco, Mayfield/New Castle

My Irish friend highly recommended this restaurant.  For $79, you can go crazy for the full Churrasco experience. A nice bottle of Argentinian wine to accompany the meat is a must.  It's a slightly dearer Brazilian experience but something you must try if you are in the area.

Beginner Tapas -Crumbed Feta with Blueberry, Mushroom, Sea Chowder sample or Cous Cous alternative
To start you off; try a few of the tapas to activate your taste buds. The crumbed feta was tasty with blueberry compote. The mushroom was slightly dry. The cous cous was tasty. (all pictured above).

Try not to load up on the bread but the tomato, goats cheese dip was pretty tasty.  Trust me though. Do not eat too much of this. You will need the stomach space.
Tomato and Goats Cheese with Bread (it's a tough spicey)
Grilled Haloumi 
The haloumi was slightly dry and plastic like to be honest.
OMG potatos with a side salad. Sauces include apple cinnamon dip, BBQ sauce and fig jam sauce

So instead, I tried to overcome my tastebuds with the tasty potato and some side salad. Little did I know, some of the best courses are coming through.  Firstly, there was the prawn then one of my favourite dishes of the night was the blue fin tuna which was slightly seared (pictured below). It was light, fresh and did not taste awfully fishy for those non-fishy fans.  My tastebuds then went into overdrive with the course of pineapple which was intended to cleanse the palette (pictured below).

Seared Blue Fin Tuna (Sashimi Grade of course)

Highlight - Pineapple
For all you meat eaters, you are now wondering how was the meat and how well was it cooked?  The beef was perfectly cooked. The meat melted in your mouth and accompanying sauces were amazing. The lamb was good, the chicken and pork were good and the chorizo was average.

I got seconds on the tuna and a small slice of pineapple to dessert my little butt away.  I ate way too much. It was a good experience though. Give it a go if you have some mula to spend.
Wagyu Beef

The Lamb


Pork and the last course is Chorizo (not pictured)
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