Sydney Food

Ready for some amazing food adventures? To help you choose what to eat today.. check out some of the key highlights of my Sydney Food Adventure. 

Sydney Food is absolutely delicious! We are so lucky in Sydney to have such diversity in cuisine and such a high quality of food from the local neighbours in the Asian region, European roots and Modern Australian which has really seem to evolve.

Sydney Highlights
Particularly, the fresh Australian produce has meant a very high quality in Sashimi and Sushi under Japanese  cuisine. I also think Australia has a great quality and fondness for Thai  cuisine with so many eateries. Modern Australian cuisine tends to really bring a twist to other cuisines with European roots. There's also the sudden increase in Chinese / Yum Cha restaurants across Sydney.

Value v.s the experience
Food is amazing but you can't always eat out.  I like a balance of dining out posh a long with those hidden gems of cheer and cheerful eateries. Got some cash to spend on amazing food, you could easily spend a few hundred dollars on a degustation with matching wines that really is an experience. Here are some of my experiences, click here . There are also times where I am on the search for value, click here for some cheap and cheerful eats. I like to drink as well.. Have a look at my bar/pub experiences here.

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