Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Shanghai in Ashfield

I caught up with an old friend over a pot of oolong tea and dumplings at New Shanghai in Ashfield. It was jam packed with customers lining up for a table so I had high expectations.

Doughy Pork Fried Dumplings
Soup Filled Pork Dumplings

Shallot Pancake

 He tells me that usually the soup-filled dumplings are plump, juicy and simply melt in your mouth. On the day they were slightly dry but still had the beginnings of little tasty morsels of food. I also had the doughy, fried pork dumplings which went down well and filled you up quickly. The tea was refreshing and washed every thing down well. The shallot pancake was over cooked and looked quite burnt.

I'd like to go back to try a few more things because I think it could rival one of my
favourites - Taste of Shanghai.

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