Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mejico, Pitt St, Sydney

Mejico is a beautifully decorated restaurant with a modern look and great atmosphere.  The like rate of 77% is fair. I think it has some tough competition being in the city though. It's buzzing and full of people.  It's a bit up market so expect modest sizes.

To start I would suggest a cocktail. My cocktail (Sweet Desire, below on the right) was absolutely amazing; definitely recommend the Sweet Desire.

Left: Matador Cocktail. Right: Sweet Desire

Pacific Scallop Ceviche
The other dishes I ordered were good which included an array of tacos and the pacific scallop ceviche (above). I am a massive fan of scallops so I enjoyed the dish, although each ceiche was devoured in a very quick mouthful.  The Tacos weren't bad, they were reasonable.

Guacamole ingredients
We ordered the guacamole which the staff make in front of you. Lars (the lovely dutch waiter) explained to us the ingredients before smashing them to bits.  It's an enjoyable experience and there are no conventional corn chips, they are accompanied by banana chips (they were savory).  I don't think I like the nuts in the guacamole though and it missed the mark in terms of the right amount of acidity from lime.

The finished product with banana chips and an array pork belly taco, ocean trout taco and braised lamb shoulder

Overall, I had a nice experience. With a lot of competition in the city for atmosphere, quality of food, customer service and value - I don't know if Mejico stands out enough for me but I still had a nice time!

Location: 105 Pitt St, Sydney (not far from Jamie's)

Prices: $40-50 per person

Opening Hours: 12pm to late

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