Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sake Restaurant and Bar - Brisbane and Sydney

I have been to Sake a number of times in Sydney and I love it baby!  The food is always dancing on my tongue. It's light, delicately prepared and always at the highest quality.  My favourite dish has to be the kingfish jalapeno.  Even though there are so many things to try on the menu - I always get this dish.

The scallop main is also tasty (small in portion though) and I also like the crunchy prawn sushi roll. I never got to try the sashimi taco which was featured on masterchef.  Something in time I'm sure I'll try.

Book in Sydney to get table :)

So when I had to go to Brisbane for a work trip and saw sake. I had to take my work colleague there to try the delicious delights. I tried a few dishes in Brisbane.

It was empty to be honest (on a Monday night) but the decor was still nice and the customer service was great.  I ordered my favourite dish, the kingfish but my colleague chose the other dishes vegetable tempura which was lovely, the tofu trio which gave you a few different textures, panko mushroom balls which were crunchy and he had the pork belly skewers.

I managed to convince him to try the kingfish even though he's not a fan of raw fish.  His girlfriend seemed to be impressed that he tried it at least. That's the magic of Sake for you. Baby!

My favourite, Kingfish Jalapeno

Vegetable Tempura

Tofu Trio - Fresh Tofu Salad, Agadashi Tofu, Salt and Pepper Tofu

Panko balls

Pork Belly Skewers

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