Friday, 6 September 2013

Ishi-Ban Boshi - Galleries - Sydney

Ishi-Ban Boshi is a solid, reliable, run of the mill (wind mill or tread mill :P) Japanese restaurant.  I quite liked the egg omlette with noodles within; it's always a tasty surprise for me. It's got that rich sort of taste with all those mayonaise based sauces drenched over the salad and food.  The chicken was nice but I was wanting a Teriyaki based sauce which Ishi-Ban Boshi doesn't do apparently.

A cheap and cheerful place if you're shopping in town hall and want a bite to eat.  I'd come here over Waga mama (which is downstairs) but there are lots of high quality, competitive eateries in the area as well.  Regardless, a good meal to enjoy with a friend who was telling me all about her life of work, husband/wife domestics and baby antics.

Sweet Plum Wine

Chicken, Rice

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