Monday, 30 September 2013

Loving Hut, Cabramatta, Sydney

If you're a vegetarian then you would completely be spoilt by choice here!  Being a former vegetarian, I can definitely appreciate the taste of fake meat.  At the same time I am now a meat eater so it's all relative!

I loved the crunch of the vietnamese pancake and so I rolled this in a rice paper roll. It was delicious.  I understand this place is a bit famous for vegans and I can understand why.

If you're a meat eater and wanting a break, feeling a bit curious then I'd recommend loving hut.

Don't come here and order any fake meat dishes if you have never tried it before.  Some of the other dishes without fake meat are great and the fake meat is more ideal for vegetarian or vegans.

Fail Alison. Fail. That's all I can say.  And good work Mel! A box of chips and you still downed lunch!

Vietnamese Pancake

My friend's failed rolled fresh rice roll

Fake meat, rice noodle to be rolled

Fresh accompaniments

Crumbed Taro 

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