Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Crinitis - Castle Hill, Parramatta

I rarely venture out to Castle Hill but having been sold the dream of "the best steak ever"; I agreed to venture out this way.  Little did I know, I was going to Crinitis!  I love Crinitis; I used to be a regular in Parramatta before it got so crowded and there were lines outside longer than most night clubs.

Castle Hill was crowded but I managed to get a table straight away at about 7 on a Saturday night.  This conflicts with all the other reviews on urbanspoon at present!  There's a great buzz in the restaurant and more importantly the food is tasty. The food is impressive and I am particularly a fan of their fresh pasta.  The giant sirloin steak was pretty amazing too.  

It can add up but the food is great and consistent so I'm not complaining.  A win. A total win. Great work Crinitis!

Giant Sirloin steak

Fetticini Marinara

Side of Veg

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  1. worst restautant 26% urbanspoon

  2. I had a different experience when I went. Maybe I was just lucky :)