Monday, 14 October 2013

Singapore Kitchen, West Ryde, Sydney (closed)

My friend Christina travels for about 40 minutes to come to this suburban Singaporean Restaurant.  I had to check it out because I don't know anyone who would travel this far for Suburban Singaporean food.  The owner says he lives and breathes Singaporean food and comes across as a bit quirky.

The verdict? The food is tasty, in good portions and for value.  I like it.

A definite cheap and cheerful restaurant.  I'll have to try more dishes!

Roti Bread

Beef Renag

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  1. Yay you posted photos! Yummmm that rendang is amazing! Worth every minute of the drive :D

  2. They're on a break until the 18th Dec 13.. I love that place too :)