Saturday, 28 December 2013

Commodore Hotel, North Sydney

We had a work function and typically with the pubs - the food is average or you have to be quite drunk to enjoy the food.  However I had a very different experience at the Commodore.  I have been here for drinks before and it's a nice cosy pub to enjoy a few drinks.  What is the food like though? This is what you want to know!

I ordered the truffle fries and the octopus salad.  I love truffle flavours and there was a nice drizzle of truffle oil on the fries which had mushrooms and parmesan cheese. They were devoured by myself and my colleagues very quickly.  The octopus salad was good too.

My colleagues next to me had the steak and the burger.  They looked pretty good and the verdict was a thumbs up baby!


Prices = $20-25 per main

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  1. thanks for reviewing this. wouldn't mind some truffle fries actually. was planning to go to this restaurant when i was planning my bday a while ago but plans ended up changing

  2. Hope you had a good birthday anyway! I ended up buying truffle oil from Thomas dux and making my own fries at home afterwards