Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Dynasty, Belmore

I rarely venture out this way of Sydney.  But I think it's good to try new places and check out different parts of Sydney. Relativity is important.

I've read reviews about the messed up queuing system they have and I have to agree with what was said. I was in line and I got a table after some other people who were behind myself in the queue.  They were an older chinese couple so I didn't get too annoyed but I guess I can concur with the principle of the situation.

It was 40 bucks for two people which I think is cheap for yum cha.  It was nice yum cha for suburbia.  It doesn't quite rival the city yum chas of Marigold, The Eight or Sky Phoenix but it's not far off.

They just need more trolleys, a fair queuing system and a slight adjustment to their food and they would be awesome.

I find the Canterbury Club quite tacky in decore but the actual decore of the Dynasty is nice.  I wasn't expecting it to be this nice in suburban Belmore.  I think it's modern, sleek and inviting.  It's quite well lit as well.

Scallop and vegetable dumpling
The dumplings were hot and tasty.
One tea pot of hot water and one of tea
The tea was filling and I liked that they had two tea pots so that you could refill yourself with hot water.
Garlic chive and prawn dumplings
The garlic and prawn dumpling was good but slightly undercooked for me.
Prawn in rice noodle rolls
I loved this dish because they added in coriander into the rice noodles.  It was sooo yummy.
Crunchy combination balls, also known as Ham Sui Gok.  It's a nice texture of crunchy, sticky and sweet.

Pork Dim Sums

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